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Kathleen is a native of Upstate New York.  She received a B.A. Degree from Kirkland College.She worked in New York City for many years designing and building costumes for theater, dance and opera productions.She studied pastels at the Art Students League until she moved to Taos, New Mexico.There she began to pursue a career in art, focusing on pastels.Over the years, Kathleen has had numerous solo shows. She has shown her work in galleries in Taos, N.M., Denver, CO., La Jolla, CA., Alexandria, VA., Acton, MA., and Indianapolis, IN. She has been teaching pastels in Taos for six years. She now also teaches drawing.

“When I originally studied pastels I studied portraiture. I think my years in Taos have been about the portrait of a place. My deepest experiences here have been about the land and the seasons. I have always been drawn to the old roads and the old ways. I've spent many years wandering them and painting them.I've also made many gardens here. There's always something new to learn by planting things. I particularly enjoy growing flowers- and painting them. This is a land that challenges you in many ways, and in the challenges offers many gifts.”

“My experience working with pastels has brought me a tremendous involvement and excitement with the language of color. It is all right there in front of us, in a true rainbow of expression, with nuance and dynamic. Teaching has brought a different dimension to the work process. The endeavor to communicate about the art life has to bring some light to things. It connects me back to all of those who were teachers to me in the visual world. How lucky to carry it on into the future.”